Spring Group Classes





Spring Group Classes are a 12-week Session.  

*Please note workbooks are $10 extra. If you already have the indicated workbook (listed below in each class’s description), there is no need to purchase a workbook.

Instruction Includes:
Middlegame Tactics
Endgame Tactics
Practice Using Clock
Practice Under Supervision

*Please note makeup classes are only allowed if a student is playing in a chess tournament during the class time.

Refunds will NOT be given.
The classes we offer are…

Novice Group Class – will be using Step 1 Plus Workbook
USCF Rating of 100-499.  Knows the names of pieces, how they move, and may/may not know about castling.

Intermediate Group Class – will be using Step 2 Plus Workbook
USCF Rating of 500-999.  Knows castling, checkmate, and stalemate.  Should know pins and forks.

Advance Group Class – will be using Logical Chess: Move by Move
USCF Rating of 1000+.  Suited for serious tournament players only.